Simple Salad


Romaine, cabbage, avocado, tomato, smoked salmon, cabbage kimchi, carrot-ginger dressing with toasted sesame oil, rice & ume plum vinegars, Serrano peppers, tamari squash seeds, black sesame seeds.

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3 Responses to “Simple Salad”

  1. frugalfeeding Says:

    Simple, but effective!

  2. Marillon Says:

    Your recipe and combination of veg sound wonderful.
    Question to consider ………….

    Don’t you need a vinegar to combat the bacteria in raw veg? I rarely eat raw veg but when I do, always use an acid like vinegars or lemon or lime juice for protection.

    • Jon Burr Says:

      There are 2 vinegars in there – rice vinegar and ume plum vinegar…but, you raise an interesting point.
      Is bacteria in food bad?
      From a nutritional standpoint, raw veggies are the best thing you can possibly eat. Heat damages micronutrients; the less heat the better.

      Our culture became bacteriophobic after the invention of the microscope. Yes, some bacteria are deadly pathogens – but, the vast majority of bacteria that thrive on vegetables in nature are the same that thrive on them in our gut, aiding digestion and promoting macrobiotic health.

      Bacteria that feed on animal products tend to be more of the pathogenic variety – another thing to think about in the composition of the dietary stream!

      Factory farming has created whole new species of virulent pathogens, which show up in manure, which then can show up in vegetables from factory farms. This systemic issue can be avoided by buying organic.

      For a list of pathogenic bacteria, see here

      Our immune system, when healthy and supported by an alkaline environment, natural organic foods, and avoidance of manufactured artificial garbage, is very effective at resisting pathogenic bacteria in the small quantities in which they appear in healthy vegetables.

      I neglegted to mention the presence of Kimchi in the salad above… it’s a great probiotic. Loaded with germs.

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